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Surprise: San Francisco is the least “country” city!

Pretty excited I came across this movie tonight— about a Chilean guy living on a whim in Nashville, trying to make sense of this funny country we live in. Makes you realize that, as an American, however weird you might already think this country is, it’ll seem all the more weird through the lens of a foreigner. This is a really fun film to watch. And if you’re a lucky gal like me and have a pal’s HBO Go password, you too can watch it right now.

6Musica Campesina,

Somebody tell me where I can get one of these. I’m hooked on LSD!

6Skeeter Davis,

Sam Outlaw - Something That I Gotta Do
from Sam Outlaw EP
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Now, I know I’ve made enough Sam Outlaw endorsements. But his new EP is generally awesome, and I especially can’t get enough of this tune: pensive, humble, honest, and somehow both fearful and reassuring. Now that’s what makes a good song. 

6Sam Outlaw,

The smoky sound of Jerry Reed tonight. I give Jerry two thumbs up.

6Jerry Reed,

Teared up reading about Mac Wiseman’s reaction to acknowledging his membership to the Hall of Fame. What beautiful words of gratitude! I’m not the a #1 bluegrass fan, but Wiseman is another guy whose induction feels a little overdue.

6Mac Wiseman, Country Musuc Hall of Fame,

And here’s to this year’s “modern era” Hall of Fame inductee, Ronnie Milsap. I wish all of his tunes sounded like this.

6Ronnie Milsap, Country Music Hall of Fame,

Here’s to Hank Cochran for being one of the newest official Hall of Fame members. He was already a longtime hall of famer in my book. Cochran’s career spanned several decades, and he penned huge hits made famous by everyone from Patsy Cline to George Strait. Thanks, Hank!

6Hank Cochran, Country Music Hall of Fame,

I was just reading about how Tommy Duncan got his start singing in front of a root beer stand. Obviously, standing in Washington, this isn’t the root beer stand he sang in front of. But I like to imagine it was something along the lines of one of these things. 

6Tommy Duncan, root beer stand, 1933,