Graceland Too owner Paul McLeod dies f

Awful news out of Holly Spings, Ms. Grateful I got to experience this amazing place last year.

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Things that I want:

1. Shirt that says: “Ol’ Blue Eyes is Back”

2. Shirt that says: “Bob Wills is Still the King”

3. Selena shirt

I’m in a real t-shirt kick.

Maggie Rose - Girl in Your Truck Song
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This song is awful. Here are a couple reasons why:

- Not only does it feed into “bro” country stereotypes, it straight up feeds off of them, and is darn proud of it.

- Sure, it’s great to feel attractive, desirable, etc., but everything about this song is all about catering to the dude in the truck: giving in to his every desire, verbatim, according to songs brought to us by guys like Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, etc. She’s at his every beck and call: from picking her up, to following through with everything he’s mentioned he wants of her in song: painted on jeans, hangin’ with the boys, cold beer, and just doing what he likes (“We can do…I don’t care, I don’t care…I can be the girl in your truck song!”).

But. I still think it’s cool to think about this song as a response song. Maybe it isn’t a direct response to a single song (but, rather, several songs), but it’s responding to a popular form of song. And though it may not provide the most interesting, praiseworthy, or surprising chapter to the long list of response songs, it’s sure fun to put it in that perspective.

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🎶🎶…a crawfish pie and fillet-oh gumbo!! 🎶🎶 (at Cochon Restaurant)

Hey New Orleans.

Highly anticipated Mississippi/New Orleans trip starts in the early morning. Vacation!!

George Strait - Wrapped
from It Just Comes Natural
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To me this is the definition of a perfectly produced song; it just sorta envelopes you in a comfort that only George is capable of. Perfection to my ears! And this is one of my favorite George Strait albums.

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You ever think about what it is about a song that makes it great? Before all else, I think it’s gotta be convincing— do you believe the person who’s singing it? The weird thing is, I don’t think you necessarily have to. But I think you need to at least believe the singer understands what he/she is singing about.

See, I think there are two types of great singers/songwriters: one is someone who is singing or writing from experience, the other is one who is retelling after astute observation. I put Buck Owens in the latter category. I don’t believe a lick of what he sings about is from personal experience. Same goes for George Strait, same goes for Brandy Clark. They’re storytellers, actors. And they prove that their method is just as good as someone crying out in genuine, aching emotion.

This is one of my favorite Buck songs. The feelings he draws out are real and familiar, and even though I don’t believe he’s feeling them while he sings this great song, it doesn’t matter; he’s describing precisely what you may be feeling.

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Jimmy C. Newman, Cajun country pioneer, dies at 86 f

Here’s a great little bio on Jimmy C. Newman. He’s one of my heroes. He was always proud of his roots, seemed like such a gentle man, and carried an undeniable love for the music he made right until the end. 

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We’ll miss you, Jimmy.

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