Hey, I kinda wish I could just wear western wear all the time. Like, pull it off in full, not just little bits here and there.

6western wear,

Happy Sunday 😊

One of my most recent life goals is to embrace my hat. And now that I know it’s like an extra cool brand I think I’ll be more inclined. Cool!!

So I have this cool hat and I just barely looked at the label. It’s a Rockmount. Cool huh.


Can’t stop/won’t stop listening to Tanya. No matter what time period!! #1 Tayna fan, right here.

6Tanya Tucker,

Skeeter Davis - I Can't Help it if I'm Still in Love with You
from Written by the Stars
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Totally obsessed with this album and Skeeter Davis and the producing genius of Chet Atkins. It doesn’t always sound much like country, but man, it sounds good. Who’da thought this song could sound like this?

6Skeeter Davis, Chet Atkins, Hank Williams, 1965, audio,

I took a closer look at this album cover today and realized I’ve been subconsciously dressing like Gram. And that made me pretty excited.

6Gram Parsons, 1973,

Cooooool. (at FAME Studios)

Going back to Music City this morning. I’ve been such the jet setter lately!

Charlie Rich - Feel Like Going Home
from The Silver Fox
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Completely obsessed with this song. I’ve listened to it at least twenty times in the last day. Talk about a sad song. But what a beautiful song. I’d love to go back in time and see Charlie do this one live with a choir. It’s funny, I’m, like, one the happiest/most well-adjusted people I know, yet there’s nothing I love more than songs like this; songs that come from the sincerest, and sometimes, sadly, lowest places. Charlie wrote this one himself, and he just continues to keep me in awe.

P.s.: Sorry I couldn’t find a better version of this version.

6Charlie Rich, 1973, audio,